Just a thought…

I’m sooooo in love with you!!!!!

Wow your really gonna be my wife!!!




Having fun playing private eye with my Queen…

Never will we lose our sense of humor and ability to find fun in the random small things of life….

My woman is the best and coolest!!!!


Guess who?

Guess who love’s you!?

Yep you right!!

I do..

Simple I know..

But I just love for you to know that I’m always and forever in love with you…

Hope you’re having a great day!

Can’t wait to see you..

That smile and that laugh…

Okay!! Okay… See you soon!!!



Just another wonderful morning to confess my love for you… Such a blessing to be engulfed in your love… My heart belongs to you..and I’ve never felt safe with giving my heart to anyone but I know you will protect it and love me forever and then more… Have a great day! To this day I’m still amazed how sweet and kind you are.. And that BIG ol heart is just so amazing!!!! I fall in love with you everyday!



Good day love…. Just know your not forgotten….

Time is winding down and I’m ever so excited!!!!….

Notes 2 be continued …..


Love You Thoughts!

I will be forever captivated by your love!!!!


Another Time Stamp!!!!

I’m a great planner but I don’t follow through…She’s not a great planner but excellent at following through.. Just like hands on a clock we work well together….Perfect example of why I need her my partner my perfect match!!!!